Bing Weekly News Quiz Answers

Microsoft Rewards Bing News Quiz Aswers [05/13/2022]:

1: What horse claimed one of the Kentucky Derby’s biggest upsets ever, beating 80-1 odds to win?
The correct answer is Rich Strike.

2: The UN approved which nation as Russia’s replacement on the Human Rights Council?
The correct answer is Czech Republic.

3: Which dating app is going public with a valuation of about $2 billion?
The correct answer is Grindr.

4: The White House is hosting leaders from ASEAN for talks this week. What does ASEAN stand for?
The correct answer is Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

5: Which company hit a market cap of $2.4 trillion, overtaking Apple as the world’s most valuable?
The correct answer is Saudi Aramco.

6: Speaking of Apple, what product line first launched 20 years ago has been discontinued?
The correct answer is iPod.

7: Priceless fossilized footprints were stolen from Capitol Reef National Park in which state?
The correct answer is Utah.

8: According to Forbes’ newly updated list, who’s the highest-paid athlete in the world?
The correct answer is Lionel Messi.

9: An appeals court struck down a California law banning firearm sales to people under…
The correct answer is 21.

10: For the first time, scientists managed to grow plants in…
The correct answer is Soil from the moon.

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