How To Complete The Stranger Things Punch Card For 75 Points

Microsoft Rewards: How To Complete The Stranger Things Punch Card For 75 Points?

Microsoft Rewards is currently offering 75 free points for a Stranger Things promo, and the best part about it is that it requires very little effort, allowing you to accrue those 75 points in potentially less than a minute!

To find it, head to the Microsoft Rewards app on your console (region-specific, full details have not been provided by Microsoft), and then search for the Stranger Things punch card towards the bottom of the page.

From here, you need to complete the following instructions:

Activate the Punch Card
Get Netflix App (just hit the link, no need to download anything)
Watch the Far Cry 6 tie-in trailer (again, just hit the link)
Save on hits from the 80s (just hit the link, may require a workaround – see below)
Xbox Nostalgia (again, just hit the link)
Some people are reporting that “Save on hits from the 80s” isn’t working for them, but an effective workaround is to go into the Microsoft Store and search for a free game, download it, and then it should check off on the punch card.

And that’s it! Complete all these tasks, and you should have 75 easy points in just a few minutes at most.

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