Lightspeed Quiz 01/19/2022

Microsoft Rewards Lightspeed quiz Can’t get no satisfaction? We know it’s only a rock n’ roll quiz—but you’ll like it. Answers 01/19/2022:

1. Which of these Rolling Stones albums was released in the 1960s?
Some Girls
Goats Head Soup
Emotional Rescue
The correct answer is Aftermath.

2. Which of these musicians is or was a member of The Rolling Stones?
Pete Best
Noel Redding
Mick Taylor
Stuart Sutcliffe
The correct answer is Mick Taylor.

3. Which celeb was born in 1962, the year The Rolling Stones were founded?
Jim Carrey
Scottie Pippin
Sarah Jessica Parker
Charlie Sheen
The correct answer is Jim Carrey.

4. Which of these films is a documentary of The Rolling Stones?
No Distance Left to Run
The Filth and the Fury
Crossfire Hurricane
The Last Waltz
The correct answer is Crossfire Hurricane.

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