Lightspeed quiz One quiz, two quiz, red quiz…Seuss quiz!

Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage Lightspeed Quiz [03/2/2022] Question:

The Question: Which actor has portrayed a Dr. Seuss character?

Jerry Seinfeld
Steve Carell
Jack Black
Kristen Bell

The correct answer is Steve Carell.

The Question: Which Dr. Seuss book was released prior to 1950?

Green Eggs and Ham
The Cat in the Hat
McElligot’s Pool
Horton Hears a Who!

The correct answer is McElligot’s Pool.

The Question: Which children’s book author was born after Dr. Seuss (3/2/1904)?

Maurice Sendak
Lewis Carroll
Laura Ingalls Wilder
L. Frank Baum

The correct answer is Maurice Sendak.

The Question: Which fact about Dr. Seuss is true?

He was a doctor of philosophy
One book uses just 50 words
He was a private in the army
His 1st book came out in 1942

The correct answer is One book uses just 50 words.

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