Microsoft Rewards Bing News Quiz Questions and Answers (1-19-2024)

Question 1: As chilly temperatures gripped much of the US, which big city ended a nearly two-year snow drought?

A Boston
B New York
C Chicago
Correct Answer: New York

Question 2: According to the WHO, use of which product has dropped around the world since 2000?

A Tobacco
B Alcohol
C Pesticides
Correct Answer: Tobacco

Question 3: Researchers near Costa Rica recently discovered four new species of which deep-sea creature?

A Squid
B Eel
C Octopus
Correct Answer: Octopus

Question 4: Kate Middleton was hospitalized after a planned surgery. Which other royal is also scheduled for surgery?

A King Charles
B Prince William
C Princess Eugenie
Correct Answer: King Charles

Question 5: A federal judge blocked the merger of which airlines over antitrust concerns?

A Delta and American
B JetBlue and Spirit
C Southwest and Alaska
Correct Answer: JetBlue and Spirit

Question 6: Which US state just established an official state bat and state mushroom, beginning in 2024?

A Nevada
B California
C Alabama
Correct Answer: California

Question 7: Which company just ended Samsung’s 12-year run as the largest seller of smartphones globally?

A Apple
B Transsion
C Xiaomi
Correct Answer: Apple

Question 8: Actor Pierce Brosnan faces charges that he trespassed in a restricted area of which US national park?

A Yosemite
B Grand Canyon
C Yellowstone
Correct Answer: Yellowstone

Question 9: The US blocked former President Alejandro Giammattei from entering the country, days after he left office in…

A Brazil
B Honduras
C Guatemala
Correct Answer: Guatemala

Question 10: A new federal proposal aims to reduce which type of fee for US consumers?

A Airline baggage fees
B Utility reconnect fees
C Overdraft fees
Correct Answer: Overdraft fees

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