Why does Russell first knock on Carl’s door in “Up”?

The Quiz: Why does Russell first knock on Carl’s door in “Up”?

To get a merit badge
To sell chocolates
To look for his missing dog
To order balloons

Wilderness Explorer Russell and grumpy balloon salesman Carl make an unlikely pair in Pixar’s 2009 adventure film “Up.” Early on in the movie, Russell shows up at Carl’s door, explaining that he needs to assist an elderly person in order to earn his final merit badge. His arrival coincides with Carl’s plan to move his home away from city construction and down to Paradise Falls in South America — the place he and his late wife always dreamed of visiting — using thousands of balloons. Russell becomes an accidental stowaway as the home takes flight, resulting in a big adventure for them both.

The correct answer to this quiz is To get a merit badge.

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