Bing Pirate Quiz

Microsoft Rewards Bing Pirate Quiz Answers 2022: The Bing pirate quiz is an ideal quiz to test the characters and features of world famous hackers in a fun way.

1: Ahoy, mateys! Which be the name of the skull and crossbones flag flown on pirate ships?

A Ol’ Swabby
B Jolly Roger
C Black Flag

Not all pirate flags featured the iconic skull and crossbones typical of the Jolly Roger. But nearly all feature a black or blood-red background with images of skeletons and weapons. Are the flags cheap? Sure, if you get them on sail. (Har-harrr)

The correct answer is Jolly Roger.


2: Which of these was the name of Blackbeard’s pirate ship?

A The Black Pearl
B Queen Anne’s Revenge
C The Jolly Roger

Blackbeard’s flagship is regarded as one of the largest, most well-armed pirate ships of his era. The legendary pirate stole the 103-foot long frigate in 1717 and used it for less than a year before intentionally running it aground to escape the Royal Navy.

The correct answer is Queen Anne’s Revenge.


3: Pirates Anne Bonny and Calico Jack were …

A Mother and son
B Sister and brother
C A couple

When these two met in Nassau, Bahamas, Calico Jack was already an established pirate. Bonny learned the job quickly, and for several years, the couple raided merchant vessels in the Caribbean and beyond. Who says you can’t mix business and treasure, er, pleasure?

The correct answer is A couple.


4: What was pirate Mark Read’s real name?

A Mark Blackbeard
B Melvin Redding
C Mary Read

Both Anne Bonny and Mary Read dressed as men while sailing the high seas as pirates. Mary Read took it a step further by introducing herself as Mark.

The correct answer is Mary Read.


5: How many ships did Chinese pirate Ching Shih command?

A 13
B 49
C 300

Not only was Ching Shih a woman commanding more than 300 Chinese sailing vessels in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, she was also a respected warlord and canny political tactician. Her outlaw navy faced off against the British, Portuguese, and China’s Quing dynasty.

The correct answer is 300.


6: Which of these civilizations engaged in piracy?

A The Goths
B The Vikings
C Both are correct

Blimey! On Talk Like a Pirate Day, we tend to imitate a caricature of the (mostly British) scallywags from the Golden Age of Piracy. But centuries before that, Viking raids were the very definition of piracy, as was the looting of Rome by the Goths in the 3rd and 4th centuries. And yet, nobody’s spouting Old Norse today…arr.

The correct answer is Both are correct.


7: Which real-life pirate inspired Dread Pirate Roberts, a character in ‘The Princess Bride’?

A Long John Silver
B Sir Francis Drake
C Black Bart

Bartholomew Roberts owed his booty-hauling success on the high seas to a strict pirate code that instilled loyalty in his crew. More than 200 years after his death, he inspired the fictional Dread Pirate Roberts from the novel and film ‘The Princess Bride.’ Walk the plank? As you wish.

The correct answer is Black Bart.