A, B, or C? Quiz [02/06/2022]

Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage Quiz A, B, or C? Quiz [02/06/2022]

1) We’re in Oymyakon, a town in Russia’s enormous eastern region. What’s it called?
A Siberia
B Murmansk
C Inner Mongolia

There’s a reason Siberia’s name is a byword for ‘cold as heck’: January temps throughout the vast region average minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit. Brrr!
The correct answer is Siberia.

2) Oymyakon has a strong claim to being the northern ‘Pole of Cold.’ What’s that?
A Coldest place on Earth
B Site of the coldest-known metal pole
C Coldest place in the Northern Hemisphere

Centuries of evolving meteorological technology means some historic cold-temp records are considered more accurate than others. Oymyakon’s claim may be strongest: The Siberian town has a verified low-temperature record of minus 89.9 degrees Fahrenheit set in 1933—though if local lore and a Soviet-era monument are accurate, the true record low was notched a decade earlier at minus 96.2.
The correct answer is Coldest place in the Northern Hemisphere.

3) Which is colder, the northern Pole of Cold or the southern one?
A Northern
B Southern
C They’re about equal

The southern Pole of Cold blows all claimants to the northern record away like fresh-fallen snow: Russia’s Vostok Station in Antarctica once recorded a low of minus 128.6 Fahrenheit!
The correct answer is Southern.

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