A, B, or C? Quiz

Microsoft Rewards Bing  A, B, or C? Homepage Quiz Answers;

1: What is the name of the people who have long inhabited northern Norway, Sweden, and Finland?
A Dolgans
B Sámi
C Kereks

Historically the Sámi have been known in English as Lapps or Laplanders, but these terms are regarded as offensive today. They’ve lived in regions of northern Scandinavia for thousands of years, including in the Rapa Valley, pictured here, in what is now Sweden’s Sarek National Park.
The correct answer is Sámi.

2: For World Environment Day on June 5, what is the top source of greenhouse gas emissions in the US?
A Transportation
B Electricity production
C Agriculture

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, in 2020 transportation accounted for 27% of greenhouse gas emissions, narrowly edging out production of electricity (25%) as the single greatest source of gases that trap heat and make the planet warmer. Greenhouse gas emissions from transportation primarily come from burning fossil fuel for cars, trucks, ships, trains, and planes. Over 90% of the fuel used for transportation is petroleum-based, primarily gasoline and diesel.
The correct answer is Transportation.

3: What is ‘blue carbon’?
A Carbon emitted by airplanes
B Carbon offsets purchased by liberals
C Carbon captured by oceans

The term ‘blue carbon’ refers to carbon that is captured by the world’s oceans and coastal ecosystems. Just as forests on land remove climate-changing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, the oceans’ algae, sea grasses, mangroves, and salt marshes capture and hold carbon dioxide, acting as a giant carbon sink. Some scientists believe that because oceans cover 70% of the planet, blue carbon has the potential to remove far more carbon than terrestrial forests.
The correct answer is Carbon captured by oceans.

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