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Microsoft Rewards Bing Coffee Quiz Questions Answers;

1: A coffee bean is actually a…
A Seed
B Legume
C Fruit
What we refer to as coffee ‘beans’ are actually the seeds of the coffee cherry. The coffee cherry, named for its resemblance to the edible fruit, contains the coffee seed that we remove, roast, and brew. Harvesting the beans is labor-intensive.
The correct answer is Seed.

2: Which coffee company was named for a character in ‘Moby-Dick’?
A Maxwell House
B Starbucks
C Peet’s
The founders of the coffee giant originally considered ‘Starbo’—the name of a Pacific Northwest mining town. That reminded them of the ‘Moby-Dick’ character Starbuck, and the ‘roast’ is history.
The correct answer is Starbucks.

3: The first webcam was created to watch a…
A Starbucks
B Coffee pot
C Busy intersection
Those crazy cats in the computer lab at the University of Cambridge were fed up with pointless trips to the coffee machine. So, in 1991 they connected a 129×129-pixel grayscale camera that would update the image of the state of the coffee pot once a second. What a timesaver!
The correct answer is Coffee pot.

4: To make a ‘bicerin,’ you’ll need espresso, milk, and which ingredient?
A Honey
B Chocolate
C Brandy
If you visit Turin, Italy, you might try this layered drink with espresso, drinking chocolate, and foamed milk. Or you can stay put and try making your own.
The correct answer is Chocolate.

5: Which nut was used as a coffee substitute?
A Hazelnut
B Acorn
C Chestnut
Many birds and squirrels enjoy the fruit of the oak tree. Historically, acorns were used as a coffee substitute by the Confederacy during the American Civil War, and by German forces during World War II.
The correct answer is Acorn.

6: Order an ‘einspänner’ in Vienna if you like espresso topped with…
A Stout beer
B A scoop of gelato
C Whipped cream
Otherwise known as an ‘espresso con panna,’ this drink is a shot of espresso topped with sweet whipped cream. But the Viennese version is usually a little more dessert-like, often dusted with chocolate or other sweet additions.
The correct answer is Whipped cream.

7: Which savory recipe includes coffee as the defining ingredient?
A Red-eye gravy
B Wide-awake waffles
C Coffee bean chili
If your gravy has coffee in it, do you need a cup of coffee with the meal? This indulgent sauce from the Southern US combines the fat from cooked pork with strong black coffee to give those home fries a little extra kick.
The correct answer is Red-eye gravy.

8: What’s a Mocha coffee bean?
A An unroasted bean
B A crossbreed of chocolate and coffee
C Coffee from Mocha, Yemen
In the 1400s, Ethiopians introduced coffee to the people of Mocha, a port city in Yemen. Soon, Yemeni farmers were growing coffee trees to craft their own version of the brew, made with locally grown Mocha beans.
The correct answer is Coffee from Mocha, Yemen.

9: What is Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge’s major contribution to coffee culture?
A Invented the French press
B First to dunk a doughnut
C ‘Discovered’ caffeine
The 19th-century chemist researched the effects of belladonna before moving on to less controversial mind-altering substances, when he isolated caffeine as the compound responsible for the coffee buzz. In isolating the stimulant from the beans, he unintentionally invented decaf.
The correct answer is ‘Discovered’ caffeine.

10: In the US, which of these is not typically an ingredient in coffee cake?
A Sugar
B Flour
C Coffee
While the British coffee cake usually includes coffee icing, the US version is a crumbly, coffee-free dessert that’s meant to be eaten with a mug of java. It’s OK to drink coffee while you bake, right?
The correct answer is Coffee.

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