Bing Hiking Quiz

Microsoft Rewards Bing Hiking Quiz Questions Answers; How well do you know the world’s greatest hiking trails?

1: Which of these trails reaches the highest altitude?
Tour du Mont Blanc
Skyway Monte Bianco
Kala Patthar
Inca Trail
The correct answer is Kala Patthar.

2: Where is the John Muir Trail located?
Scottish Highlands
Australian outback
Nova Scotia
The correct answer is California.

3: Which of these trails passes through the town of Assisi?
St Conan’s Way
Camino del Norte
Tour du Mont Blanc
Via di Francesco
The correct answer is Via di Francesco.

4: What is the longest hiking trail in North America?
American Discovery Trail
Great Western Trail
Iditarod Trail
Scafell pike
The correct answer is American Discovery Trail.

5: Which country is home to the Milford Track?
New Zealand
The correct answer is New Zealand.

6: Which of these trails will you find in Turkey?
Polyrrinia Trail
Cinque Terre
Lycian Way
Menalon Trail
The correct answer is Lycian Way.

7: On which Greek island will you find the Samariá Gorge hike?
The correct answer is Crete.

8: On which Mediterranean island would you find the tough GR 20 trail?
The correct answer is Corsica.

9: You’ll find Devil’s Dyke on which UK long-distance trail?
South Downs Way
The Ridgeway
West Highland Way
The Thames Path
The correct answer is South Downs Way.

10: Which of these trails is the only one to follow a UNESCO World Heritage Site?
Hadrian’s Wall Path
The Ridgeway
Glyndwr’s Way
Offa’s Dyke Path
The correct answer is Hadrian’s Wall Path.

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