Bing Homepage Quiz (5/11/2022)

1: What Greek island was forever changed by the massive Minoan volcanic eruption?

A Mykonos
B Santorini
C Crete

Santorini is one of most famous of the Greek islands. Officially called Thira, it’s what remains after a cataclysmic volcanic eruption 3,600 years ago. The blast wiped out a thriving and advanced city of Minoans and left behind a giant caldera that filled with seawater—now that caldera is the lagoon to the west of the curving island that we see here.

The correct answer is Santorini.

2: The Minoan eruption has been connected to the legend of what lost city?

A Atlantis
B Pompeii
C Troy

The legend of Atlantis has been linked to the catastrophic eruption of 3,600 years ago and the destruction of the Minoan city of Akrotiri, whose remains have been unearthed on Santorini.
LIke the fabled doomed city of Atlantis, Akrotiri was an advanced city with hot and cold running water, multi-level buildings, and elaborate frescoes. The oldest written mention of Atlantis appears in Plato’s dialogues and is believed to be intended as fiction.

The correct answer is Atlantis.

3: Santorini looks out onto which sea?

A Ionian
B Adriatic
C Aegean

Santorini lies on the southern end of the Aegean, which separates Greece and Turkey. Crete, the largest and most populous Greek island, is also in the Aegean, to the south of Santorini.
The Aegean has been navigated for thousands of years and played an important role in the ancient civilizations of Greece.

The correct answer is Aegean.

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