Bing Homepage Quiz (5/15/2022)

Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage Quiz Answers (5/15/2022):

1: ‘Blood moon’ is the name given to what type of celestial phenomenon?
A Full moon in the far north
B Total lunar eclipse
C Full moon at the start of summer

‘Blood moon’ is a nickname for a total lunar eclipse, which occurs when the moon, Earth, and sun are in perfect alignment and the moon falls directly behind the Earth’s shadow. When that happens, the light cast upon the moon appears red, hence the name.
Tonight’s blood moon coincides with the full moon of May, called the ‘flower moon,’ and is due to begin just after midnight Eastern time, at 12:12 AM.
The correct answer is Total lunar eclipse.

2: What is Earth’s shadow called?
A Umbra
B Apogee
C Corona

The umbra is the innermost and darkest part of the cone-shaped shadow cast by a celestial body (in this case, the Earth). The light source is completely blocked by the umbra, causing a total eclipse. The outer and much wider part of this shadow is called the penumbra. When the moon falls behind the Earth’s penumbra, the effect is much more subtle because Earth’s shadow is much fainter at that distance. You might not even notice a penumbral eclipse as the moon becomes just a shade dimmer than normal.
The correct answer is Umbra.

3: What happens when Earth falls fully behind the moon’s shadow?
A Total solar eclipse
B Partial lunar eclipse
C Nothing, this happens all the time

A total solar eclipse occurs when Earth moves fully into the moon’s shadow. Like a lunar eclipse, the sun, moon, and Earth are all perfectly in line, but the difference is that the moon is between the sun and Earth, blocking our view of the sun. During a lunar eclipse, the Earth is between the sun and moon.
Solar eclipses occur about as frequently as lunar eclipses but last for a much shorter period of time. They are also visible in far fewer places on Earth.
The correct answer is Total solar eclipse.

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