Bing Homepage Quiz (5/29/2022)

Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage Quiz Answers (5/29/2022):

1: Hyalite Creek is just outside Bozeman in Custer Gallatin National Forest. Which state is this?
A Nebraska
B Montana
C Nevada

For many visitors, Custer Gallatin is a gateway to Yellowstone National Park, but it offers plenty of charms itself. Once two separate forests, since 2014 Custer and Gallatin have been managed as one, with a central hub in Bozeman. Stretching across more than 3 million acres, it’s one of the most ecologically diverse areas in the Rocky Mountain region.
The correct answer is Montana.

2: Montana is widely known as ‘Big Sky Country’ because it is sparsely populated and has few large buildings. But its official nickname is ‘The Treasure State’? Why’s that?
A It has rich mineral reserves
B It’s thought to have hidden ‘treasures’ from early outlaws
C It’s an Indigenous nickname

Not only is it ‘The Treasure State,’ Montana’s official motto is ‘Oro y Plata’ (Gold and Silver). Those are just two of the minerals that were found in abundance and subsequently mined during the state’s early days.
The correct answer is It has rich mineral reserves.

3: A 1992 movie noted for its fly-fishing scenes was filmed partly here in Custer Gallatin National Forest on the Gallatin River. What is the film called?
A Grumpy Old Men
B A River Runs Through It
C Gone Fishing

The film adaptation of Norman Maclean’s semi-autobiographical novella is set in early 1900s Montana. The plot hinges on beautifully filmed fishing scenes. Directed by Robert Redford, it was a breakout hit for actor Brad Pitt.
The correct answer is A River Runs Through It.

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