Bing Homepage Quiz (6/04/2022)

Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage Quiz Answers (6/04/2022):

1: On this National Trails Day, which of these famous hiking trails gives views of Banner Peak and Thousand Island Lake?
A Pacific Crest Trail
B Appalachian Trail
C Continental Divide Trail

This 2,650-mile hike goes through the Ansel Adams Wilderness, seen here, and many national forests and parks inland from the Pacific Ocean from Canada all the way to Mexico.
The correct answer is Pacific Crest Trail.

2: Can you name the National Scenic Trail that starts in Maine and goes south through the eastern US?
A Ice Age Trail
B Potomac Heritage Trail
C Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail starts in Maine and runs almost 2,200 miles down to Georgia. It is in fact the world’s longest hiking-only footpath and a gorgeous one to boot (sorry).
The correct answer is Appalachian Trail.

3: Which is the longest National Scenic Trail?
A Florida Trail
B North Country Trail
C Natchez Trace Trail

At 4,800 miles, the North Country Trail is the longest National Scenic Trail in the National Trails System. It winds across eight states, from North Dakota to Vermont.
The correct answer is North Country Trail.

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