Bing News Quiz [05/20/2022]

Microsoft Rewards Bing News Quiz Aswers [05/20/2022]:

1: Scorching 300,000 acres, the Hermits Peak Fire became the largest in which state’s history?
A Arizona
B Nevada
C New Mexico
The correct answer is New Mexico.

2: The FDA approved COVID-19 vaccine boosters for kids aged…
A 4 and under
B 5 to 11
C 12 to 17
The correct answer is 5 to 11.

3: A Bay Area teenager sat in for which band’s drummer, playing for 20,000 fans at Oakland Arena?
A Green Day
B Pearl Jam
C Tool
The correct answer is Pearl Jam.

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  1. 5. Blade runner, 6. pug, 7. Monkeypox,
    8. Female referees, 9. Professional fighters league, 10. Monopoly

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