Bing News Quiz (9-9-2022)

Bing Weekly News Quiz: Questions Answers (9-9-2022) 9 September 2022,

1: Which city had to delay the start of its school year as teachers went on strike?
A Baltimore
B Minneapolis
C Seattle
The correct answer is Seattle.

2: Queen Elizabeth has died at age 96. What year did she become queen?
A 1945
B 1952
C 1960
The correct answer is 1952.

3: In more news from the UK, who succeeded Boris Johnson as prime minister?
A Liz Truss
B Grant Shapps
C Rishi Sunak
The correct answer is Liz Truss.

4: The USA’s second-oldest theme park is retiring the world’s second-tallest roller coaster. Which park is it?
A Coney Island
B Cedar Point
C Lake Compounce
The correct answer is Cedar Point.

5: Which volcano startled Washington state residents by appearing to vent steam? (It was just a cloud.)
A Mount St. Helens
B Mount Rainier
C Mount Hood
The correct answer is Mount Rainier.

6: What odd piece of sports memorabilia is expected to fetch at least $10,000 at auction?
A Ty Cobb’s false teeth
B Jackie Robinson’s cleats
C Babe Ruth’s flask
The correct answer is Ty Cobb’s false teeth.

7: Which cinema chain filed for bankruptcy?
B Cineworld
C Regal
The correct answer is Cineworld.

8: Netflix is rebooting which children’s TV series?
A Barney & Friends
B Teletubbies
C Arthur
The correct answer is Teletubbies.

9: Twitch streamer AceGamerSam managed to beat all 296 games ever released for which 1990s console?
A PlayStation
B Nintendo 64
C Sega Genesis
The correct answer is Nintendo 64.

10: Baltimore became the latest US city to struggle with water issues as what was found in the city supply?
A E. coli
B Raw sewage
C Toxic algae
The correct answer is E. coli.

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