Bing Weekly Quiz

Microsoft Rewards Bing Weekly News Quiz Questions Aswers:

1: Admiral Linda Fagan became the first woman to lead which US military branch?
A Space Force
B Navy
C Coast Guard
The correct answer is Coast Guard.

2: A shootout between rival biker gangs forced a busy highway to close near which Southwest city?
A Albuquerque
B Las Vegas
C Phoenix
The correct answer is Las Vegas.

3: 103-year-old Swede Rut Larsson became the oldest person ever to accomplish what daring feat?
A Skydive
B Wrestle a troll
C Swim the English Channel
The correct answer is Skydive.

4: Turning now to young whippersnappers: Which tennis star is the youngest French Open finalist since 2001?
A Coco Gauff
B Naomi Osaka
C Iga Swiatek
The correct answer is Coco Gauff.

5: What contest is back to normal after being canceled in 2020 and going virtual in 2021?
A Scrips National Spelling Bee
B Skripps National Spelling Bee
C Scripps National Spelling Bee
The correct answer is Scripps National Spelling Bee.

6: Speaking of spelling, which country added an extra syllable to its official name?
A South Korea
B Cuba
C Turkey
The correct answer is Turkey.

7: A TikTok fad promoting the drug Ozempic for weight loss has led to a shortage. Ozempic is typically prescribed for…
A Osteoporosis
B Diabetes
C Bipolar disorder
The correct answer is Diabetes.

8: Under new water rations in Southern California, residents may only water their lawns…
A Once a day
B Once every 3 days
C Once a week
The correct answer is Once a week.

9: Which longstanding restaurant chain closed its last location in Lake George, New York?
A Chi-Chi’s
B Shakey’s Pizza
C Howard Johnson’s
The correct answer is Howard Johnson’s.

10: A new study found that dogs can detect what with about 97% accuracy?
A Lies
B Squirrels
The correct answer is COVID-19.

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