Know Your Celebrity News Quiz

Microsoft Rewards Bing Know Your Celebrity News Quiz;

1: What did Harry Styles reveal in a recent interview makes him ‘feel more alive’?
A Going to therapy
B Being in a relationship
C Performing onstage
The correct answer is Going to therapy.

2: The BBC cast Ncuti Gatwa to replace Jodie Whittaker in which long-running TV series?
A Coronation Street
B Made in Chelsea
C Doctor Who
The correct answer is Doctor Who.

3: Which Broadway show received the most Tony nominations with 11?
A A Strange Loop
B The Lehman Trilogy
C MJ The Musical
The correct answer is A Strange Loop.

4: K-pop star AleXa became the first ever winner of NBC’s ‘American Song Contest.’ Which state did she represent?
A Florida
B Oklahoma
C California
The correct answer is Oklahoma.

5: A baby was born at a rock concert in Brazil, just as which band began playing their song ‘Enter Sandman’?
A Guns N’ Roses
B Journey
C Metallica
The correct answer is Metallica.

6: Speaking of motherhood, which Oscar nominee announced she’s pregnant with her third child?
A Kirsten Dunst
B Amy Adams
C Michelle Williams
The correct answer is Michelle Williams.

7: Justin Bieber, owner of a white Ferrari 458 Italia, was reportedly blacklisted by the Ferrari company after he…
A Bought a Lamborghini
B Missed car payments
C Painted his car blue
The correct answer is Painted his car blue.

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