Lightspeed Quiz [02/16/2022]

Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage Lightspeed Quiz [2-16-2022] Question:

1. Which team won more than one Super Bowl?
New York Jets
Pittsburgh Steelers
New Orleans Saints
Carolina Panthers
The correct answer is Pittsburgh Steelers.

All Possible Correct Answers (According to your set)
Dallas Cowboys
San Francisco 49ers
New England Patriots
Pittsburgh Steelers

2. Which QB has appeared in four or more Super Bowls?
Ben Roethlisberger
Joe Montana
Fran Tarkenton
Kurt Warner
The correct answer is Joe Montana.

All Possible Correct Answers (According to your set)
Roger Staubech
Peyton Manning
Tom Brady
Joe Montana
Terry Bradshaw

3. Which team scored more than 40 points in a Super Bowl?
St. Louis Rams
New York Giants
Philadelphia Eagles
New England Patriots
The correct answer is Philadelphia Eagles.

All Possible Correct Answers (According to your set)
1986 – Chicago Bears – (46)
1988 – Washington Redskins – (42)
1990 – San Francisco 49ers – (55)
1993 – Dallas Cowboys – (52)
1995 – San Francisco 49ers – (49)
2003 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – (48)
2014 – Seattle Seahawks – (43)
2018 – Philadelphia Eagles – (41)

4. Which Super Bowl fact is true?
Tickets were originaly $12
Losers can’t be named MVP
Six teams never made a SB
Tom Brady was youngest ever QB
The correct answer is Tickets were originaly $12.

All Possible Correct Answers (According to your set)
There only has been one OT game
Half time acts dont get paid
Tickets were originally $12
the Simpson’s predicted the ‘92 winner

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