Microsoft Rewards Bing Entertainment News Quiz Questions and Answers (10-4-2023)

Question 1: What did singer Stevie Nicks share with the crowd at a New York concert last weekend?
A A lifetime achievement Grammy
B A life-sized Stevie Nicks statue
C Her own Barbie
Correct Answer: Her own Barbie.

Question 2: Las Vegas police just arrested a suspect in the long unsolved murder of which rap legend?
A Tupac Shakur
B Biggie Smalls
C Jam Master Jay
Correct Answer: Tupac Shakur.

Question 3: A 4-part documentary about which soccer superstar just dropped on Netflix?
A David Beckham
B Diego Maradona
C Lionel Messi

Correct Answer: David Beckham.

Question 4: Fans will be able to bid on the head of C-3PO in a huge movie memorabilia auction. Which movie franchise is C-3PO from?
A Alien
B Star Wars
C Jurassic Park

Correct Answer: Star Wars.

Question 5: Speaking of auctions, who did Kim Kardashian get into a bidding war with at a recent charity event?
A Kanye West
B Tom Brady
C Khloé Kardashian
Correct Answer: Tom Brady.

Question 6: The daughter of which late comedian called AI recreations of her dad ‘disturbing’?
A Gallagher
B Robin Williams
C Gilbert Gottfried
Correct Answer: Robin Williams.

Question 7: Which pop diva will be celebrating Christmas this year with a 13-date US tour?
A Christina Aguilera
B Camila Cabello
C Mariah Carey
Correct Answer: Mariah Carey.

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