Microsoft Rewards Bing Entertainment News Quiz Questions and Answers (9-27-2023)

Question 1: In Hollywood, SAG-AFTRA members have voted to add which industry to their strike?

A Craft services
B TV commercials
C Video games

Correct Answer: Video games.

Question 2: Meanwhile, a tentative deal with studios may end the Hollywood writers’ strike, which has lasted how many months?

A 4
B 5
C 8

Correct Answer: 5.

Question 3: Terry Kirkman, a founding member of The Association, died at 83. Which hit did he write for the band?

A Cherish
B Windy
C Spooky

Correct Answer: Cherish.

Question 4: Which R&B superstar will perform at the 2024 Super Bowl halftime show?

A Frank Ocean
B Bruno Mars
C Usher

Correct Answer: Usher.

Question 5: Which of these beloved sitcoms may soon be getting a reboot?

A Seinfeld
B The Office
C The Golden Girls

Correct Answer: The Office.

Question 6: Which Emmy-winning actress recently learned that the man who raised her is not her biological father?

A Jennifer Aniston
B Constance Wu
C Kerry Washington

Correct Answer: Kerry Washington.

Question 7: Just in time for the holidays, Mattel is releasing an AI-enhanced version of which board game?

A Apples to Apples
B Uno
C Pictionary

Correct Answer: Pictionary.

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