Microsoft Rewards Bing News Quiz Answers (2-9-2024)

Question: Which controversial beauty pageant winner stepped down just weeks after winning her title?
A Miss Japan
B Miss Ukraine
C Miss USA
Correct Answer: Miss Japan

Question: Honda recalled 750,000 vehicles in the US over concerns of faulty…
A Brakes
B Tail lights
C Air bags
Correct Answer: Air bags

Question: Former CEO and co-founder Adam Neumann is reportedly trying to buy his old company. Which one?
A WeWork
B Etsy
C Groupon
Correct Answer: WeWork

Question: Which nation just surpassed China as the leading importer of goods to the US?
A Mexico
B Great Britain
C India
Correct Answer: Mexico

Question: What did the FCC just ban from being used in robocalls?
A Celebrity impersonators
B Unlicensed music
C AI-generated voices
Correct Answer: AI-generated voices

Question: Coca-Cola has released a new soda flavor called…
A Coca-Cola Spiced
B New Coke 2
C Coca-Cola Mango
Correct Answer: Coca-Cola Spiced

Question: What hidden secret did NASA astronomers just learn about Saturn’s ‘Death Star’ moon?
A It has a subsurface ocean
B It’s volcanic
C Its orbit is changing
Correct Answer: It has a subsurface ocean

Question: Speaking of scientific discoveries, researchers recently found a new species of venomous…
A Lizard
B Snake
C Jellyfish
Correct Answer: Jellyfish

Question: According to a new report, ransomware hackers set a record by stealing how much in 2023?
A $175 million
B $567 million
C Over $1 billion
Correct Answer: Over $1 billion

Question: What ocean-related incidents doubled in 2023?
A Tsunamis
B Shark attack fatalities
C Undersea earthquakes
Correct Answer: Shark attack fatalities

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