Bing Homepage Quiz (5/25/2022)

Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage Quiz Answers (5/25/2022):

1: Where is the grand Islamic palace called the Alhambra?
A Granada, Spain
B Alexandria, Egypt
C Istanbul, Turkey

Sitting at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Andalucia, Granada is considered one of Spain’s most beautiful cities.
The correct answer is Granada, Spain.

2: What was the Reconquista?
A The defeat of the Spanish Armada by Admiral Nelson
B The series of wars by Spanish Catholics to take Hispania from the Moors
C The spicy cheese dip popular in Andalucia

More than 700 years of wars ended in 1492 with Ferdinand and Isabella’s victory in Granada. The Alhambra was the first place the flag of the Reconquista was raised. While under Moorish rule people of various religions had lived mostly in concert, the next few decades would bring the Spanish Inquisition, when all Jews and Muslims were either forcibly converted to Catholicism or were expelled from Spain.
The correct answer is The series of wars by Spanish Catholics to take Hispania from the Moors.

3: What is the Alhambra’s nickname?
A Fortress of the Mountain
B Castle of the Clouds
C Pearl Among the Emeralds

The castle’s nickname comes from its white, glossy appearance in the middle of green forests. The complex is renowned for its stunning gardens and well-preserved Islamic architecture.
The correct answer is Pearl Among the Emeralds.

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