Bing Homepage Quiz (6/03/2022)

Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage Quiz Answers (6/03/2022):

1: How many arches are there in Arches National Park?
A 27
B About 400
C More than 2,000

The aptly named park in Utah boasts not only thousands of arches, but also gigantic sandstone fins, massive balanced rocks, soaring pinnacles, and spires. Inside the park, biking is allowed only on roads, but there are plenty of other stunning mountain bike trails in the area, like this one over Uranium Arch just outside Moab.
The correct answer is More than 2,000.

2: What famous arch had the 2002 Olympic torch relay run through it?
A Landscape Arch
B Double Arch
C Delicate Arch

Local cowboys have called Delicate Arch ‘The Chaps’ and ‘The Schoolmarm’s Bloomers.’ Other names applied to the arch include ‘Bloomers Arch,’ ‘Mary’s Bloomers,’ ‘Old Maid’s Bloomers,’ and ‘Pants Crotch.’
The correct answer is Delicate Arch.

3: Which of these was a derogatory name for a forerunner to the bicycle?
A Dandy horse
B Popinjay pony
C Coxcomb camel

A dandy horse was powered by the rider’s feet running on the ground instead of pushing the pedals of later bicycles. It was also known as a Laufmaschine (in German), a vélocipède or draisienne (in French), and a pedestrian curricle or hobby-horse.
Two centuries after the pedal-less bike was invented, it looks like young kids have given the dandy horse a new lease on life.
The correct answer is Dandy horse.

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