Lightspeed Quiz 02/09/2022

Microsoft Rewards Lightspeed quiz Feel like you’re stuck in second gear? Try our friendly Jennifer Aniston quiz. Answers [2-9-2022]

Which film starred Jennifer Aniston?
The Pallbearer
Office Space
Serving Sara
The correct answer is Office Space.

Which TV show did Jennifer Aniston appear in before Friends?
The Trouble With Larry
Muddling Through
Growing Pains
The correct answer is Muddling Through.

Which Jennifer Aniston fact is true?
She’s a Pisces
Her net worth is $1B
There’s song about her
She is 5’2″ tall
The correct answer is There’s song about her.

Which actor appeared more than once on Friends?
Reese Witherspoon
Julia Roberts
Hugh Laurie
Danny DeVito
The correct answer is Reese Witherspoon.

2 Replies to “Lightspeed Quiz 02/09/2022”

  1. these answers dont appear on the quiz I take. what gives?

  2. where are all of these wrong answer coming from??? someone is posting wrong information

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